The message of Medard to contemporary world

The bishop Medard was a man of large format, a moral authority, sensitive and aware of social justice, admirably keen to help other people, notably those in need. He was a man of his epoch who was fervently and responsibly engaged in favour of public good. He was able to revitalize mutual relationships between human beings. He showed the real value of man and woman, the value of reciprocal appreciation, and the importance of a good marriage.

Medard can inspire us to better understand the dynamics of today’s world. He understood ongoing social, cultural, political, economical or religious transformations – either locally or globally – and, in this way, he helps us be open to innovation of spaces where we live and work. He showed us the importance and the courage of being open to revision, even in situations where current rules are good and well tested by previous experience. Medard gives us proves of such courage so that we can understand that this approach is prosperous for everyone.

He confirms the truth according to which a profound respect for oneself and for the others is a positive enrichment for the whole community. Medard showed and materially “put in practice” the respect of men towards women and of women towards men. Respect for the other gender makes us human beings that are able to see with the eyes of the others, to hear with the ears of the others and to feel through their hearts. Human beings are actually angels without wings: if they want to fly, they must hug one another. If we – as humans – acknowledge the value and the greatness of the others inside us, then we open ourselves to the possibility of rejoicing in our human condition and in our relationships with the others. If we have respect for ourselves and if we are able to transform this respect in small pieces, then we can go out of our interior dimension and overcome our interior obstacles. Man is not a closed entity, but rather a piece of adventure.

Medard can be inspiration for us to be brave enough and have the courage of being materially and spiritually generous. His life story teaches us that we should not only profit from our wealth but also share it with others. To share tangible richness and to have other people participating in their enjoyment is a real challenge. Nobody is so poor that they have nothing to donate; nobody is so rich that they have nothing to accept. Nobody is so poor that they cannot donate themselves; nobody is so rich that they cannot receive their neighbour as a gift.