Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy Son
and our Lord, Jesus Christ.
He is for us the way and the truth and the life.
Thank Thee Lord, because the bishop St. Medard glorified Thee through his life.
He took his way and lived a life of truth and blessing.
He was full of true generosity and magnanimity in providing help for his neighbour.
Through his life, he showed us how we can love Thee and how we can imitate Jesus in our lives.
Give us Thy Holy Spirit so that we can live according to his example and we can glorify Thee throughout our existence on earth.

Saint Medard,
Your relationship with people awoke admiration and respect.
You took care of spiritual and material needs of people round you.
Show us the way of fidelity to the Gospel,
so that we are not overwhelmed by temptations of our epoch. Like
our Saviour, you also loved children.
Through your material gifts you helped young girls be better prepared for marriage.
We pray you, holy brother, show us your favour through the goodness
spread by the Lord Jesus.
Through your intercession God already granted His graces to people
for whom you have prayed.
Pray for us,
so that we can recognise God’s will in our lives
and accept it with magnanimity.
Heavenly Father,
Thou gave Saint Medard the power
to heal people from diseases,
help us and listen to our prayers, by healing
(name of the person we want to be healed)
from the illness that is currently affecting him/her.
Through Jesus, our Lord.