Med-Art, s.r.o, Nitra

Hornočermánska 806/4
949 01 Nitra


According to calendar, the feast of Saint Medard is celebrated on 8 June. On this date, the MED-ART company (wholesale distributor of drugs and other medical aid products) awards its own employees with the Award of the Heart of Saint Medard. It is a sort of parallelism with the celebration of the “Rosière” established by Saint Medard in the Sixth century.  Thirty-five employees are selected as candidate for victory. The teams of our single departments are subdivided according to specific professional scopes. In each departments, the workers select a colleague who fulfils these requirements: a person who has ingeniousness and human approach; a person who performs his/her work responsibly, spreads positive atmosphere, and is able to motivate people round him/her; a person who has an empathic heart. These are the criteria for assigning the award. The winner receives the price of the Heart of Saint Medard. The MED-ART company developed this initiative in an era that is saturated with competition pressure, fast moving life, and disturbing noise of never stopping information flows. All these factors engorge and devour people. That’s why our company wants to help people find the good direction to live a tranquil life and face life strains. We want to help modern people easily solve their problems both at work and at a personal level. The MED-ART company feels that all these features belong to its own mentality and they are extracted from the stories of the life of its saint patron, Medard.