Events from the life of St. Medard

  • Little Medard and compassion
    Once little Medard came home without his new clothes. They asked him where he left his clothes. He answered that he had given them to a poor blind homeless person he met on the road. He could not tolerate the misery of that destitute person and he wanted to offer him the best things he had. It wasn’t easy for him to donate garments he received from her beloved and loving mother, Protagia. But he knew that those clothes were part of his way of love, i.e. the route he wanted to follow.
  • Young Medard in adolescent age and his help for people in need
    When Medard was still a teenager he received a horse from his father Nectar. Medard met a poor man who didn’t have any horses because his old horse just died. Then, he decided to give his own horse to that man for free. It was a wonderful gesture! Medard’s father did not agree with his son’s decision and he wanted his horse back without delay. He forced his son to go with him and take their horse back. They hit the road despite cloudburst. Storm and thunders came down, but the two of them were marching on to reach the house of the poor man. Medard prayed Jesus to intervene and do something to leave the horse where he was. While they were walking, Nectar noticed that his son was completely dry, as though it were not raining at all. He understood it was a sign from Jesus. He lives, protects us in different situations, enters our situations and – after centuries – continuously pleads for us (compare Hebrew 7, 25). Nectar understood that God had intervened in that situation and told them that they had to help a poor man.
  • Young adult Medard and material generosity
    When Medard was a young men, a group of thieves tried to steel cattle and food from their house (notably honey, fruits, and eggs from their farm). Medard didn’t punish them because he apprehended that their attempts of theft was dictated by hunger and material need. Eventually, he warned them and help them with financial gifts. Medard’s strongpoint were his extraordinary generosity and magnanimity in providing help to his neighbour. He saw the importance of material wealth only in the fact that we can share it with people in need.